יום ראשון, 24 במרץ 2019

Hello dear readers,

First of all, thanks for your get well wishes.  It helped, my fingers are already
much better.

While I'll be preparing something for my promised giveaway, I've made, with
the help of young Dana, a very simple "Honey, I shrunk the candies" tutorial
to share with you.

We cut the candy's cellophane wrapping into small pieces, put a little colored
seed bead inside and twisted both sides around it.

To make this long-legged candy bowl you need a goggle-eye blister and a
transparent push-pin.  Hold the push-pin metal part over candlelight and
with a player slide it out. Glue the two together.  If necessary, sand smoothly
the rim of the blister.

A warm welcome and thanks to my new followers!
Happy crafting and lovely spring to all with blessings.

יום שישי, 15 במרץ 2019

Hello dear readers,

The winters here in Israel are usually mild ones.  This year we are having days of
beautiful sunshine  and then a few days of unusually cold and rainy, in turns.
The rain and snow were welcome but personally, I'm not used to it and although my
home is airconditioned and I 'm wearing warm clothes and gloves when I go outdoors,
I got chilblains on all fingers and toes.  The result is that my fingers are swollen and
blue, making it difficult to work on miniatures.

But this doesn't mean  I forgot a giveaway to celebrate number 444,444 pageview
which happened 3 days ago.  By now the number has gone up although my blog
was silent for the past 3 weeks.  Shall let you know as soon as it's ready.

I wish you all a lovely weekend with blessings.


יום ראשון, 17 בפברואר 2019


Hello dear readers,

Both chairs from the Chinese kit are out of scale.  I'll keep one outdoors but
the one inside has to fit the furniture which is 1/24".
I made one from matchsticks and carved toothpicks, using my tutorial here.
Reduced by half the measurements as it's a 1/12" tutorial.

I overcame the problem with uploading photos from my I-phone.  I send
them directly to my desktop and from there to the post.  It's working, hurray!


The side table's leg is made from plastic, wood and metal
beads. The top is a small wooden disk.




The gorgeous Tilda doll was a gift from a very talented blog friend -Amary


1/16", 1/24"  and 1/12" chairs.


The puppies-kittens mission is accomplished.  They are ready for the party next weekend.
Shani already has nice little boxes in which to pack them.



Have a wonderfully creative week with blessings!






יום רביעי, 13 בפברואר 2019

Happy St. Valentine Day

Hello dear readers,

The reason I am not posting lately is having trouble uploading photos to my
computer. Meanwhile, I have made some progress with the kit, finished the
kittens for Shani's birthday party, and crafted a small 1/24" chair.

With these old pictures from past posts, I wish you all a very
Happy St. Valentine Day.  Have fun!

יום חמישי, 31 בינואר 2019

Greetings from Solly

Hello dear readers

This is just to let you know that Solly is being well taken care of. He's on
best terms with Baalatova who lets him play in her garden and even bring
friends over.  Solly is the best listener.  He can listen for hours without
interruption to Baalatova's endless stories.

Solly with friends on his way to Baalatova's garden.

Haven't touched the kit this week.  I was looking forward to going on with the
project but came home each day late and tired.  Instead, I had to comply with
a dear little girl's wish. This beloved little girl happens to be my great-granddaughter,
Shani. (Dana's cousin)

About 9 12-years old girls are invited to Shani's birthday party. Shani wants a
gift for each and thinks they'd love a pipe-cleaner puppy and kitty.

With Solly's help and encouragement, I managed to finish the puppies. I hope to
have the kitties ready in time for the party.

A warm welcome to my new followers and thank you very much for your interest.
Wish you all a lovely weekend with blessings.

יום חמישי, 24 בינואר 2019

The Chinese kit (Part 3)

Hello dear readers,

We are enjoying a few beautiful sunny days in the middle of winter.
This is how our beach looked this morning.

Finally, with a stronger grip glue,  I managed to overcome the difficulties
in assembling the last piece of furniture from this kit. Assembling this piece
took longer than all the others put together.

Also started to work on the accessories.

I had to improvise handles, the original jewelry finding for the handles was missing
Here is how I made them.

Picked out two links from a gold plated metal chain.

Inserted a tiny gold metal bead inside each.

Glued them on the drawers and doors of these pieces of tiny furniture.
Satisfactory results.

So far, the wooden pieces assembled look good and of surprisingly good quality.
These alone, are worth the price charged for the kit.

I intend to replace the out of scale plastic chair and cat.  Will see how and what
to make instead. tiny pipe-cleaner puppy?

Will keep these for future use.

יום ראשון, 20 בינואר 2019

First 2019 Project - Some Steps Forwards

Hello dear readers,

With help from Elizabeth in finding the link, a video clip showing how to assemble the same as my kit, I find it very easy to sort out this Chinese puzzle. One of the best things in Blogland is having friends to help you.  Thanks again Elizabeth.

I started assembling the pieces of furniture.  Most of them, but two, were a piece of cake.

Had to change the tiny table's original leg.  It was impossible to glue it to the top and bottom.
Luckily I found paint in my stash with a similar color.  It's going to be covered with a tablecloth so the slight difference in colors won't be noticed.

Using wooden beads thread on a wooden toothpick and one big plastic bead, I was able to glue and stabilize the little table.

It is a 1/24" (Half size project).  Not every item is this scale.  On the left, you can see one of the chairs I make in 1/12" beside the cute chair which came with the kit.

Here are the two chairs from the kit, each a completely different scale.

There is one piece, yet to be finished, which simply doesn't want to stay fixed.  I'll have to find a
stronger glue with a quicker grip than my usual tacky glue.

Tiny ornaments are no problem they only take time and patience.

There are many tricks and hints in the video.  I recommend everyone, even those who don't have a kit to assemble, to watch it. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KKQzd9vQnIc)

A warm welcome to my new followers.  Thank you for following.

Have a wonderful rest of the week with blessings.